The word ‘introvert’ is really just a blanket term for all the different types of people who fall on the shy side of the social spectrum. There are many ways to describe the qualities and characteristics of an introvert and adjectives like quiet, brooding, aloof, solitary, shy, antisocial, reserved, bashful, and wallflower come to mind. They represent the type of person who prefers to keep their feelings, thoughts, and emotions to themselves and has more of an internal world view, as opposed to outward and externally focused.
That’s why introverts love being alone and prefer to spend time away from hectic scenes that are oftentimes just too chaotic for them. When they do step out to socialize and mingle with other people they tend to keep a low profile and hang back because they don’t enjoy, or even want to be, the center of attention. If you think that all or the majority of this describes you, then it’s more than likely that you have the personality of an introvert!
From there the question becomes what type of introvert are you? Back in the day, well over 100 years ago, the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung first coined the term ‘introvert.’ He used it to broadly define and describe in a nutshell how a person with the personality type thinks, acts, and behaves. Based upon Jung’s initial research and the work of others who came after him, it was determined that there are 4 distinct introvert types that a person could possibly fit into.
The accompanying quiz will figure out which category you fall under depending on how you rate certain statements and answer the image-based questions. Whether you are a restrained, anxious, contemplative, or social type of introvert will be determined by both your observational skills and how your brain is hardwired so try it now and find out which type you are!
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