With the month of May well under way and Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, you may have noticed the steady uptick of available fresh fruits and veggies at the grocery store. Things are coming into season and one of the biggest signs that summer is fast approaching is the sudden appearance of watermelon in the produce section.
For those of us who love biting into a ripe, juicy, sweet chunk of watermelon, it’s always a welcome sight! We toss one in the cart, haul it home, and when the urge to dig in comes calling, we carve it up and make a sticky mess.
While there is no wrong way to carve a watermelon, there are tricks that make it a whole lot easier and less work. If you follow the simple method shown in the accompanying video below, you’ll end up with proportionate, easy to grab and eat slices of watermelon. This is perfect for dishing up a quick and healthy snack for a group of hungry kids, to bring to a picnic or BBQ, and to keep on standby for when you’re craving something sweet and simple. Best of all, the cleanup it requires is minimal and you don’t need a melon baller or anything like that!
What you will need is a knife that is sharp enough to smoothly slice through the tough outer rind. A dull blade won’t work nearly as well, it’ll slip all over the place and make cutting it even more dangerous than need be. However, make sure that you use extra caution when cutting because watermelons are notoriously slippery. Between their odd shape and all the rocking and juices, it can easily turn into a bloodbath.
Start by laying the watermelon length-wise and cut it in half at the middle, around where the fattest part is. Take one of the halves and turn it upside down so that it rests safely on the flat, fleshy side. Cut a series of evenly spaced slices all the way through, working from one side to the other. Keep the melon half intact and turn it 90 degrees so that the next cut you make criss-crosses the original ones at a right angle and proceed to evenly slice it, as shown in the video. That is all it takes and you’re done, now you can grab a watermelon stick from the pile and munch away!
While many people love eating watermelon, they don’t really know all that much about it beyond the fact that it’s delicious. An interesting side note is that the pink, round, juicy fruit was justifiably named “water melons” because they are made up of around 92% of water! According to watermelon.org, their super-high water content is the reason why early explorers used them as canteens. That means watermelons helped to directly shape history and it’s crazy to think of how things could have gone without them! Anyways, be sure to check out the short clip to see how to slice a melon the neat and easy way.
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