Hippies in the 1960s were known for being peaceful, happy, independent, music-loving, and free spirited. What originally started out as a counterculture movement, it caught on quickly with the youth and spread rapidly across the country. People were ‘tuning in and dropping out,’ ‘making love, not war,’ and ‘giving peace a chance.’
Everyone has their own feelings and views about the hippie lifestyle. Some people look at it with disdain, others fully embrace it and even consider themselves to be modern day hippies, and the majority of us are influenced by it one way or another. Whether it’s the mantras, the fashion, the ethos, or the music, hippie culture is everywhere and it’s here to stay.
While the flower child way of life encompasses many concepts and ideas, nowhere is this captured better than in the types of names that hippies chose to bestow on their children. They eschewed normal, common names and opted instead for original monikers that were quite non-traditional. Most hippie-esque names have to do with nature, peace, and spirituality, but the inspiration behind them is truly limitless,
What do you think your hippie name would most likely be? Even if you were not born to hippie parents or are not all about that kind of life, it doesn’t matter one bit. This quiz will explore your personality and perception to come up with the one hippie name that best encompasses your outlook on life. It’s simple, easy, and fun so start it now to see if you are a Luna, Breeze, Melody, Flower, Serenity, Blossom, or some other awesome hippie name. Enjoy!
What name did you get? Let us know in the comments!
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