Anyone who wishes to stay as sharp and intelligent as possible needs to keep on top of things in order to maintain and expand their breadth of knowledge. A great way to do exactly that is by testing yourself periodically in order to examine what you know and are able to remember, as well as what you don’t know or may have possibly forgotten.
One great way to scan your brain and memory is with one of the most basic types of tests out there; a spelling quiz! We’ve all had to take a bunch of spelling tests back in our grade school days, it was an integral part of any child’s studies and public school’s curriculum. While most of the terms tested were of the common, fundamental variety, there were always a few tricky ones mixed in.
The quiz featured below is modeled on those classic types of spelling bees that you were given in school and it’s guaranteed to put your brain, mind, and memory to the test. The words that it quizzes you on are among some of the trickiest, most commonly misspelled words in the English language. While most of us will definitely know how to spell some of them without even thinking about it, more than a few of these words are guaranteed to make you stop and think about the correct spelling, or at the very least trip you up a bit.
Brain-based challenges like this spelling quiz are excellent ways for us to explore our overall intelligence and logic abilities. All that you have to rely on is your memory, reasoning, and brain because there is no spell check or automatic correction that you can fall back on, unless you cheat!
In this quiz there are a total of twenty-one words to work through. If you are able to spell all of them correctly, then congratulations because that means you are way above average. Take the test now and see if you can pass it and get a perfect score, which according to Playbuzz, means that you have an IQ of 142 or higher! In the end, the most important thing that you can do is just have fun, even if you don’t do so well, who cares! Let us know how you do and good luck!
Did you pass?
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