Our names may only be a couple of words long, but they oftentimes hold a lot of subtle information about us. They can convey hints about our heritage and family background, as they allude to things like ethnicity and race via their geographic origins and historical links. Our names also personally mean a lot to us, they are a major part of our identity and so we are protective of them. No one wants their name dragged through the mud or associated with anything terrible.
Whereas we tend to know the basics and personal significance surrounding our names, we rarely, if ever, find out what the deeper hidden meanings behind them are. As it turns out, there is a whole other side to a name, and it’s more complex than you’d ever imagine it to be!
This quick and easy quiz will help you figure out the more secret and obscure meaning behind your name as it relates to you and your personality. It’s a fun and interesting way to delve into one of the more abstract areas of your moniker. The questions posed here are straightforward and touch on the things that you like best and interest you the most. In the end, you’ll receive a list of the top-most qualities and characteristics linked to your name, so try it out.
Take a moment to explore what the hidden meaning behind your name is now and see if you agree with the results that you get. Please pass this along to friends and family so they can find out the secret meaning behind their own names, and as always, enjoy!
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