Anyone who enjoys taking those ‘can we guess your…’ types of quizzes has to try the one featured here out! It attempts to guess your gender based off the way in which you spell certain words. Each of the seventeen total words have been chosen specifically because of how often men and women spell them differently. The answer you receive will be either 100% man or 100% woman, but we all know that many people identify as neither or a mix of those two broad categories.
These days gender is an ever changing and constantly evolving subject that is capable of stirring up passionate debate. For years it was assumed that there were only two distinct genders, male and female, and you could only fit under one of them. The times have certainly changed and now there are many different gender types that people may identify as, some of which include agender (genderless), bigender, genderqueer, androgyne, cisgender, genderfluid, pangender, and so many more. Rather than get into details on all the specifics and whatnot surrounding the topic, this is simply meant to show how widely gender may vary and how indefinite it really is.
No matter how you may personally define gender, there are traits and characteristics that everyone exhibits which are typically associated with masculinity or femininity. These constructs may be social, biological, or societal in origin and they vary across cultures. It just so happens that in the context of grammar many words, specifically nouns, are also either masculine or feminine. They are not always linked to a gender or sex per se, but they traditionally do carry that type of meaning.
But enough of all that and back to the test at hand! This quiz looks at gender from a unique spelling-oriented perspective and takes into account the male and female gender types. It will guess what your gender may be based only on how you spell the given words and all that you need to do is pick which spelling you think is the correct one out of the options provided. Don’t read too far into your results, this is simply for fun, so take and now to see what you get!
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