It’s no secret that we all keep secrets. It’s part of our behavior and human nature to want to keep certain things private and it always will be. There are simply some things in life which we promise ourselves, and oftentimes others, to never ever reveal. We push whatever that may be to the back of our minds and bury them deep down inside where they’ll hopefully never get to see the light of day.
Some people hold hundreds of secrets, while others only have a few and it varies dramatically from person to person. A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that the average person is keeping thirteen secrets at any given moment. Researchers at Columbia Business School examined data collected from ten previously conducted studies and looked at over 13,000 secrets to gain more insight on the habits people have when it comes to keeping secrets.
They also found that all of those secrets can be broken down into just 38 common categories, which range from cheating on a spouse to hiding a medical condition to keeping a planned proposal under wraps. In addition, of those thirteen secrets that the average person holds, five of them have never been shared with another soul. While it’s all very interesting from this analytical perspective, from the human point of view, secrets can be stressful and downright burdensome. Many of the secrets we wish to keep to ourselves are sources of shame, guilt, or embarrassment and they weigh heavily on our shoulders.
Even still, sometimes the healthiest thing to do is keep something a secret, whether for just ourselves or for our friends and family. When the possibility exists that revealing the truth could end up seriously hurting our loved ones and ruining relationships, then it may very well be in everyone’s best interests to keep it under wraps. Yet even if you mean well, keeping a dark secret all bottled up inside and to yourself can be extremely difficult.
Sometimes what we know or feel inside can be overwhelming, and while many of us learn how to cope with our deepest secrets, we also tend to repress them just as much and that can be super unhealthy. You never know when those secrets will come back to haunt you and as much as we hope to forget about them, they’ll always be lurking in the back of our mind.
In the end, secrets have their pros and cons just like everything else. The quiz below will attempt to guess the deepest, darkest secret that you’re currently harboring and you don’t have to reveal anything at all in order to take it! Instead, it takes into account both your visual perception and the mental choices you make in regards to targeted questions to guess what your most private and undisclosed secret may be. Perhaps you secretly fear being alone or failure, or maybe it’s darker than that and you’re caught in a web of lies or having an affair. There’s a method to these types of quizzes so take it now and see if it’s able to guess what your deepest, darkest secret really is! Have fun and pass it on!
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