Many full grown dogs act like little babies and when it comes down to it, they’re basically just bigger and much more hairy versions of them! That’s part of why we love and adore our loyal canine companions so much and it’s also why we treat them like our own children. Many people are guilty of babying their pets, perhaps even you are, and who can really blame them? Not only do they make us happy and smile, keep us active, and give us unconditional love, they make us better people.
Dogs are especially prone to being babied because unlike cats, they tend to be more social and needy. Many dogs want to be doted on and adored, like the cute Boxer dog in this short and sweet video clip. He is clearly not a tiny puppy and yet he seems to think and act just like one regardless of that fact.
As you can see, the big boy has climbed up into his daddy’s lap and made himself comfortable. He’s placed his two front paws around the man’s neck, so he can look right at him face to face, and
is acting like an overgrown baby. Maybe he wants to cuddle or this is how they always sit, whatever the case may be, it’s adorable and the best part is yet to come!
When his dad asks him “Are you a dog, or are you a baby?” the Boxer responds by throwing his head back and letting out a deep howl. He seems to be moaning in disagreement about the whole baby part, after all he knows that he’s a full grown dog, come on people! Each time they ask him if he’s a baby he answers them right back with a vocal head toss, you have to check out how funny and adorable he is. And while he may not like being called a baby, he’s acting just like one, so to answer their question, he’s both!
Boxers are a very vocal, loving, expressive breed and this one is no different. He loves to hug and cuddle up closely with his owner and he’s just such a typical lapdog. If you love Boxers or know anyone who can appreciate this little gem of a clip please pass it on to them and bring a smile to their face!
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