Do you think you have the magic eye? Perhaps you once did many years ago, or you never had it, but may have developed it over time. Either way, there’s only one way to find out for certain. Test your mental and visual skills right here and now with the magic eye images below. These are the real deal and if you can decipher the hidden 3D pictures in each of them, congratulations, you have the magic eye!
Anyone who grew up in the 90s should be able to remember all of those Magic Eye picture books. They were extremely popular and hugely successful, so much so that they seemed to be just about everywhere you turned! After they initially came out, the original three book series topped the New York Times Bestseller List for weeks and weeks on end. A major part of their immense success is due in part to just how tricky they proved to be for many people all across the board. You could either see them or not, and as hard as you may find them to be, if you keep trying you’ll eventually get it down right!
The type of pictures that are now known as Magic Eye images are called autostereograms. They happen to be the real “magic” behind it all because they are a particular type of 2D image that are designed to contain hidden 3D images within them. Originally invented by a man named Bela Julesz, he was a psychologist and visual neuroscientist who was attempting to prove a theory he had come up with. According to Julesz theory, he believed that depth perception occurred in the brain and not the eyes, as was the prevailing belief at the time. In order to prove or disprove his hypothesis, he decided to test people’s ability to see in 3D with images that he created, which were very similar to the modern day Magic Eye version. By the end of his tests the visual illusions he’d developed had proven his theory correct. The images also caught on and soon they became known as Magic Eye pictures.
The key to spotting the hidden 3D pictures in the 2D images lies in adjusting your eyes and changing the way that you perceive depth. That sounds both easy and hard at the same time, right!? Anyways, if you are able to change the way you normally see depth, the 3D image should eventually appear out of the image you’re looking at.
For more on how to alter your depth perception abilities, try following along to the instructions below which can be found on the Magic Eye website. These pointers are for how to best view the images successfully:
1) Begin by looking at the center of the image super close up. The computer screen (or book page) should be almost touching the very tip of your nose.
2) Slowly begin to adjust your focus. This can be done by looking through the picture, as if you’re gazing off into the distance. Take your time here and re-adjust if you think you need to.
3) Very slowly, begin to move the picture away from your face and eyes. Keep it as steady as possible and at some point the 3D image should appear and pop out at you.
4) If you are still unable to see the hidden picture after trying everything mentioned above, you may have to move the image either back towards your face or further away from it. You may also need to start all over again from step one, so that you can re-set your eyes and re-focus on the picture.
For those out there who are simply unable to see anything, don’t worry, you’re in good company! It’s a big challenge to correctly adjust your eyesight in order to be able to see past the 2D image so if you’re having troubles, don’t give up. Try and try again, you should eventually be able to conquer the brain-eye barrier that’s likely making you trip up. Test yourself now and good luck!
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