When it comes to vision, we all see things differently. There are a range of factors that influence our perspective of the world, everything from our environment and experiences to our genetics and overall eye health end up playing a role. One of the main reasons why we view the world from our own unique perspective has to do with our color contrast visual abilities. That’s what allows us to see and interpret all of the many shades and variations of color tones out there that are just waiting to be looked at!
In fact, the ability to see contrast is a major part of human vision. Color contrast is what helps set objects apart from one another and without it we would all be much less able to distinguish between things in the world because they would simply appear to all blend together. Thanks to our color vision we’re able to zero in on small, minuscule differences in color, as well as major and more obvious ones, which is why it’s so essential to have healthy eyes that can see accurately.
Those who lack accurate color vision are not always necessarily color blind, instead some people are actually color-contrast blind. Like color blindness, the lesser known eye problem is not actual blindness, rather it’s a perceptive deficiency in an individual’s color vision. Those who lack a strong ability to perceive the subtle variations between extremely similar shades of the same color family are considered to not have 20-20 contrast vision. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who have strong eyesight, they have very sharp and sensitive eyes when it comes to picking up contrast between shades of a particular color.
In the end, what one person sees as green, others may see as being blue. Reds, browns, and oranges get all jumbled up, and it ultimately comes down to your color contrast vision. The accompanying test will tell you where you stand compared to others when it comes to seeing colors. It will also tell you how the way you see colors reflects on your personality type. It’s all very interesting and to find out what it reveals about you, click the button to begin. Don’t forget to pass this on with others so you can compare your results. Enjoy!
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