When workers arrived early one morning at a construction site near London’s Canary Wharf they were met with a strange sight. Down in a muddy hole they had spotted something moving around and upon first glance they assumed it was a little puppy who had somehow fallen in and become trapped in the deep ditch.
The animal looked to be in pretty bad condition. It was covered in a thick layer of crusted on mud and pieces of plastic had become stuck and matted in its fur. The poor puppy was exhausted from trying to climb its way out of the hole and was at risk of hypothermia and suffocation. He was facing certain death if the workers didn’t step in and rescue him quickly.
Thankfully they set straight to work freeing the trapped animal and once he was brought up from the muddy hole they rushed him to the nearby South Essex Wildlife Hospital. The staff who took in the filth covered little pup immediately put him in a nice warm bath and gently scrubbed all of the dirt and grime off his coat.
As the caked on mud slowly dissolved and came off they soon realized that this was no ordinary puppy. It turned out that their new patient, who they nicknamed “Muddsey,” was actually a young red fox! After warming him up and drying him off they examined him further and other than being tired and dehydrated, the fox was in pretty good condition. Wanting to give him the best chance at living a long, healthy life, they kept him long enough to ensure he re-gained all his strength back before releasing him back into the wild where he belonged.
If the construction workers who had spotted him had not immediately stepped in the poor little fella would have likely been a goner because he was well and truly stuck at the bottom of that hole and was not going anywhere fast. In the end, little Muddsey got a second chance at life and hopefully he’s living it to the fullest somewhere out there in England. Check out the video to see his incredible transformation from unrecognizable to beautiful, strong, and healthy once again.
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