Anyone who has ever shared their heart and home with a pet will readily tell you all about how much their animals are full of personality, life, and surprises! Each type of pet brings different qualities to the table and when it comes to birds they are oftentimes quirky to the extreme. This is especially true for cockatoos, macaws, and other types of talking parrots. These birds are super intelligent and capable of learning all sorts of neat tricks and words, some even hold conversations. That’s part of the reason why bird owners often become super bonded with their feathered friends and the pair in this video are no exception!
The handsome bright green and vibrant blue feathered bird goes by the name Sam the Macaw and he’s clearly not in the mood for a nap. It was time for the little boy to go to bed but he simply wasn’t ready to turn down for his owner and let it be known. Rather than being a well behaved Macaw, Sam ended up throwing quite the temper tantrum as you can see here.
The first thing Sam did was toss all of the comfortable pillows and blankets off the couch and onto the floor. He launched full on into his hissy fit and was sending his owner a clear message that he was not in the mood for this early to bed bullc**p. Other than throwing pillows and blankets around, he also literally threw a temper tantrum! Then, as if to prove his displeasure and anger towards the situation he started attacking a long wooden stick, which may have been one of his perches. He lashed out and bit the wood hard, his owner had better watch it because Macaw’s beaks are super powerful and can do a lot of painful damage.
Between all of their energy and chatter, life with a Macaw never gets boring! Sam is clearly much loved by his owner because it sounds like she absolutely adores him. Even if you aren’t the biggest bird fan this clip is definitely a welcome change from all of those cute cat and dog ones out there. Be sure to check it out and if you do happen to be a bird lover, this will make you smile!
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