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QUIZ: Can You Find The Hidden Panda In This Vintage Photo. 90% Of People Can’t!

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Dudolf’s original and wildly popular search puzzle image, which featured a panda bear hidden among a crowd of snowmen, has sparked a renewed interest in Where’s Waldo? types of illustrations. The drawing proved to be a smash hit worldwide with web user and within a couple of days millions of people had shared the image. It seems as if we can’t get enough of the hidden search puzzles and now artists have stepped up to provide even more of them after being inspired to create their own versions. This one here happens to be another find the panda challenge and it’s much tougher than most of the recent versions. It was originally posted by Tracy Lynn Heightchew and features an old photograph from 1978 of a Junior Achievers Conference that was held in Bloomington, Indiana. Somewhere hidden in among all of the people is a tiny panda bear waiting to be revealed. If you find it, it means you have excellent vision perception and a strong sense of sight.

Much has been made of the recent resurgence in popularity of these types of puzzles and part of the reason why so many people like them is because they’re challenging, and in a whole new, refreshing type of way. They seem so simple and easy, yet some of us truly get stumped by them and it can take awhile to find the hidden object. When we finally spot it, it’s like a moment of triumph and self-affirmation. When we finally find the panda or the four leaf clover or whatever it is that’s hidden, we think to ourselves “Yes! You did it, good job. I am smart.” That’s a normal reaction, as research has shown that our brains take pleasure in searching for and finding things in this type of manner. It certainly helps to explain why these puzzles are so hot right now; they challenge us and make us feel good. So do yourself a favor and make yourself feel great while exercising your brain and eyes, and try to find the hidden panda in this old photograph.

Did you find the Panda? How long did it take you? let us know in the comments below

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