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3 Simple and Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Those Gross Blackheads For Good!

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Most people are plagued by dreaded blackheads, which tend to appear in what is known as the “T-Zone”.  This area tends to be oily, and includes the nose and adjacent skin, chin and forehead.  Blackheads are clogged pores that meet with the oxygen in the air, which actually turns these pores black.

Blackheads can be caused by improperly removing makeup, stress, diet and accumulation of dead skin.  If  you can’t stand them, and don’t want to spend money on expensive facials or use harsh chemicals, the video you are about to watch below is for you.

Unlike other videos you may have seen on this subject, she adds two elements before creating the strip that actually removes them, which prep the skin for easiest removal.  It is a “STEAM AND CLEAN” approach, which is the most gentle, yet effective way of removing the most blackheads!  Watch this instructional footage, in which she uses BOILING WATER to create steam for the purpose of opening your pores.  The second step is making a BAKING SODA SCRUB for loosening dead skin and finally the third step, is making an EGG WHITE STRIP that actually pulls the blackheads out.  You will be left with clean, clear pores which is most definitely the best feeling!

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