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Velma The Great Dane Has A Litter Of 19 Puppies!

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We all know that Great Danes are among the largest breeds of dogs, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that when they give birth, the average litter is 8-10 puppies.  However, on December 5, 2015 a record for the largest litter of Great Danes was tied by a 4-year-old pregnant Great Dane named Velma.

Residing in Alabama, Velma shocked her owners Josh and Terri, who had been told to expect a litter of 10 pups; Velma was giving birth to an astounding 19 puppies!  She delivered an average of 1 pup per hour, taking a total of 19 hours for the birthing process to be completed.

The good news is that all 19 puppies were born healthy and are thriving.  You are about to watch footage of these darling little pups at feeding time!  It is hard to believe how patient

Velma is during this unimaginable scene; what an incredible mom she is.  However, Great Danes thrive at a rapid rate which means that their demands for food is enormous.  This required their “grandparents”, Terri and Josh to lend a helping hand in the feeding process.

Supplementing Velma’s milk supply with goat milk and Esbilac formula, they helped feed the puppies every 3-4 hours, easing the feeding frenzy that you are about to watch.

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