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QUIZ: What Psychic Ability Do You Possess?

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Whether you believe in a person’s ability to read other’s thoughts, predict the future, or make contact with the dead is something that may require a leap of faith. However, we all have the potential to tap into some degree of psychic ability. Whether we choose to cultivate these abilities depends on our life experiences.

The quiz you are about to take below will present you with the beginning of a sentence, which you will complete by choosing one of several multiple choices. Some examples are: “You can often read peoples…”; “The first thing you notice when you meet someone new is…”; or ask you to: “Pick a hero” or “Rate your Memory”. When responding, try not to think too hard; if you go with your gut-level response, the analysis of your unique psychic ability will be more accurate.

Do you think that you possess PRECOGNITION?; seeing or having some strong feeling about future events?; or perhaps your strength is DEDUCTIVE REASONING?; you come to a conclusion based on logic which you assume to be true, which gives you a strong ability to read someone after momentary contact. Could it be that you actually possess some TELEPATHIC powers?; could you have the ability to pass thoughts without normal sensory input?

Take this fun quiz and see if your results lead to one of the above capabilities, or something else completely. Let us know if the analysis resonates with how you or others perceive your abilities.

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