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QUIZ: Is Your Brain Easily Confused?

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You are about to take a quiz that will present you with a dozen images that will tap into how your brain perceives things. Some of the images will be in motion, others will have imbedded figures, and there will be some that ask you to compare two things.

On the images that don’t have imbedded figures, it is best not to think too much. Going with your gut response will yield a more accurate analysis of how your brain works given those scenarios. With a few of the imbedded pictures you will have to take a bit more time, while other ones that ask what you notice first should be your immediate gut-level response.

Do you think your BRAIN IS AS SHARP AS A TACK?; not being easily confused, your attention to detail is acute which affects your intuition about people and a great ability to multitask. Systematic and organized you tend to be LEFT-BRAINED. Or perhaps your BRAIN IS PRETTY WITH IT?; only confused sometimes by optical illusions, you use BOTH YOUR LEFT AND RIGHT BRAIN pretty equally, leading you to be more scientific in some situations and more creative in others. Alternatively, do you think your BRAIN IS QUITE EASILY CONFUSED?!; optical illusions take you awhile to figure out because you are more dominantly RIGHT BRAINED, more abstract than scientific in reasoning.

The quiz is a lot of fun, so enjoy it. Let us know if the analysis of your responses corresponds to one of the brain
types discussed above or something else entirely. Do you think the calculation derived resonates with how you use your brain to evaluate the world around you? Let us know.

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