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More Than 30 Million Humans Took Time Out Of Their Day To Witness This Hippo’s Huge Fart.

The fart has been the backbone of comedy for as long as people have been around. I’m not exactly sure why so many people from so many different countries and cultures all share this same comedic love for farts. Farts are just intrinsically and organically funny in almost any situation. Whether it’s during a serious meeting, at the dinner table, in class or at the movie theater farts somehow bring joy and happiness to so many while simultaneously smelling absolutely horrible! This brings us to today’s story featuring a hilarious hippo named Harry.

Harry lives at the zoo and for all intensive purposes is just your average hippo. Harry is a big guy and hippos like him can weigh anywhere from 3,000-10,000 pounds which is truly just massive for almost any creature on planet earth.  Harry had just gotten out of his watering hole and was feeling pretty relaxed. The sun was shining, the earth below his feet were warm and he was happy to be alive.

That’s when he may have just gotten a little too relaxed. As people began filing into the zoo, none of them expected the surprise that Harry would soon deliver. He took a few extra steps away from his little pool, looked around to make sure he had somewhat of an audience and then he let one rip!

This wasn’t just any old fart either, this was quite possibly the biggest fart I have ever seen or heard and it’s pretty easy to understand why 30 million others have watched the fat heard round the world!

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments:

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