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15 unique and handy gifts dad will LOVE this Christmas

And there are only so many t-shirts and runners you can buy a man before you grow tired of getting the same gifts.
So, we have put together a list of creative and unique Christmas gifts to get dad.
There are a wide range from fun activities to personalised items, perfect for the kids to get him as well.
1. High-flying Drone 
€90.00 on Amazon
2. Cosy Slippers
€19.07 on Amazon
3. Pocket Wallet
€45.00 on Timerland
4. Arm Chair Caddy
€15.00 on Gadget Store
5. Personalised Bath Robe
€35.01 on Etsy
6. Dad Jokes Book
€6.00 on Amazon
7. Minipresso
€56.10 on Amazon
8. Leatherman Supertool
€71.25 on Amazon
9. Vinyl Player
€38.14 on Amazon
10. Premier League Tickets
 From €35.00 on Stub Hub
11. Everyday Watch
€40.00 on Topman
12. 100 Movies Bucket List
€15.00 on Gadget Store
13. Polaroid Camera
€122.20 on Amazon
14. HandyMan Set
€39.95 on Gadget Store
15. Christmas Beer Mug