Mom Leaves Dogs Alone With Christmas Decorations — When The Door Closes, They All Get To Work

It’s the holiday season which means it’s time to binge watch funny and adorable Christmas videos on YouTube. “A Doggy Christmas Surprise” is a Christmas classic with over 15 million views, and for a good reason — it’s amazing.

In the viral video, eight dogs are left alone in a Budapest apartment. As soon as the door closes, they all get to work and begin to decorate the Christmas tree.

“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” is the soundtrack tune for the adorable three-minute video and it’s one of the most creative projects we’ve seen in a long time. First, one dog heads into the living room and begins folding up a rug.
Next, it’s time to ‘hang’ the ornaments. One of the pups runs to the Christmas decorations and grabs a box of ornaments for the tree. With a little bit of camera magic, the ornaments are perfectly placed on the branches.

After a few ornaments are hung, another dog brings over a ladder to string the garland around the tree.

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