When it comes to perspective, we each have our own unique way of viewing the world and everything that surrounds us. More often than not, our personal experiences and subconsciousness factor in heavily in regards to how we see and approach things. Just think about it, day after day we are bombarded with a countless amount of stuff to sort through and make sense of. We consciously and unconsciously pick and choose our way through that seemingly endless stream of choices, and we decide things based primarily off of how we see them.
Practically everything we look at contains subtle and overt visual cues. How we happen to pick up on and interpret them is dependent on a number of factors. Things like our past experiences, present expectations, and our general emotional state of mind all come into play. By the time we have to make a decision based off of what we are seeing visually, our strongest individual personality traits come into play and they tend to have the greatest influence on our choices.
It is because of this that it’s even possible in the first place for us to estimate what a person’s overall personality is most like. All of the choices, associations, and distinctions you make can be linked to various traits. In turn, these add up to form a bigger picture and by comparing and analyzing visual preferences we can arrive at your overall personality type!
While you have probably encountered inkblot quizzes before online, the one featured here is different than the rest because it provides an instant analysis for each of the given answer choices. You are shown an inkblot picture and are asked to choose what you see, then you’re shown the personality traits which are most common among people who choose each answer, including whichever one you picked. This particular test stands out not only because of the unique format it uses, but also for how accurate many people have found it to be.
In the end, it will tell you which of the following broad personality types you match up the strongest with, they include; dreamer, believer, free spirit, genius, or surrealist. Which one do you believe your personality matches the best with? Find out now and click the “Let’s Play!” button to get started.
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