The weather has been dominating the headlines recently and while it seems like it has been anything but calm and predictable, that’s mother nature for you. Forecasting has never been an exact science and it may very well never be, but that has never stopped people from trying their best to read the upcoming weather conditions. Today we have the most modern radars and computer models to help us do exactly that and yet there are age-old ways to predict the weather.
One such way can be found in The Old Farmer’s Almanac. The popular publication has been in circulation for over the past 225 years and it provides a wealth of information on important seasonal changes which extend far beyond the weather predictions that it’s best-known for. There are also gardening tips, anecdotes, recipes, information on astronomy, and a number of other predictions for the year ahead, including ones on fashion and technology.
All those extras aside, it’s the regional weather forecasts that readers are looking for and what makes the almanac so enduring and successful. Every year the latest edition of the book is released in late summer and while the warm season is still upon us, it will be coming to a close in a few short weeks. Even though winter is at least a good three weeks away, thoughts of cold weather and snow are inevitably starting to cross people’s minds.
If you haven’t read or heard about the predictions included in the almanac yet for this coming winter, then read on for what’s in store for your part of the country. Here’s what the 2018 edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac has forecast for this upcoming winter season:
*The regions below cover general areas of the country that encompass large swaths of land. For more detailed forecasts of specific areas, you will have to consult the almanac for additional information on the temperatures, precipitation, snowfall rates, etc., expected there. Also Watch the Video Below For More Information on Winter 2018.
Overall: Cold and wet. Temperatures are expected to be above the normal average in the north, while the south and west are facing cooler than normal temps, but wherever you live, it will be colder as compared to last winter. Snowfall and precipitation will be above-average or what’s considered normal.
Northeast: Colder than average temperatures, precipitation above average. Southern New England, Western New York, and the Appalachian region are all expected to experience higher than normal snowfall.
Southeast: Cool, chilly temperatures and above-average precipitation are expected.
Midwest: Cold temperatures, moderate snowfall amounts, generally less harsh than the typical winters the region experiences.
Heartland: Mild, average to above-average temperatures across much of the plains and Texas. Soggy and wet with above average precipitation.
Southwest: Temperatures will be mild and precipitation is forecast to be average.
West: Most of California will continue to experience mild temperatures and average precipitation. For more detailed forecasts of specific regions in the west, please refer to the almanac.
Pacific Northwest: Cool, brisk temperatures, precipitation below average and the region will be drier than normal.
Watch The Video Below For More Information About Winter 2018:
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