Hidden puzzle pictures are making a comeback and the latest and greatest ones feature something other than a panda to search for. The illustrations below have six words concealed among each of the drawings, making them a whole new type of brain-teaser to wrap your eyes and mind around. These are great for passing time and keeping yourself (or children!) occupied, so pass them along and see if you can find all the words.
Other than being a fun way to pass time and test how much you know, puzzles are also a great way to keep your brain and mind sharp. The internet is full of various riddles, teasers, and problems that are meant to stump people and get them thinking really hard. Many times, in order to arrive at the correct answer, you have to look at the puzzle from a different angle.
Only then will it start to make sense and all of a sudden a seemingly impossible to solve puzzle becomes clear and obvious. Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that oftentimes children are able to solve puzzles much faster than adults because they tend to automatically look at things from different angles.
Generally speaking, the younger the child, the quicker they are able to solve them. However, this depends on a lot of factors like the type of puzzle, the child’s exposure to them, the setting it’s taking place in (school, a test, or home), and so forth. If you’re wondering why this is so, it’s partly because adults often make things more more complicated than they have to be. They’ve been taught to approach puzzles and problems with a critical eye and automatically look for patterns or sequences to jump out at them.
When they don’t, they usually give up or assume that the problem is unsolvable for the average person. With that in mind, try finding the 6 words in each puzzle below, have fun and enjoy!
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