Man Proposes To Girlfriend At Zoo, Checks Photo And Dies Of Laughter

Fiona the Hippo was born to be a star and has been making headlines since the day she was born. Born six weeks early at the Cincinnatti Zoo in January of this year, and having survived only with the help of a dedicated and experienced medical team, Fiona the diva hippo immediately stole the spotlight from April the Giraffe, whose birth was filmed live from Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. Now, at 5-months-old, Fiona proves that she is much more than a survivor–she is a star.

Since her birth, the zoo has nearly doubled its number of Facebook followers, and updates on Fiona’s growth and development receive an average of 35,000 likes–more than 10 times the amount that any other of the zoo’s posts get. To say she’s an internet sensation is an understatement. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Michelle Curley, the zoo’s communications director, who is part of a three-person team tasked with sharing Fiona’s story with the world via social media. “People have Fionamania.” In addition to being tasked with sharing Fiona’s story with the world, Curley is also charged with discovering Fiona’s personality, figuring out how she became an unlikely symbol of body positivity and determining whether or not Fiona-themed books and movies could one day be a reality. So, when Nick Kelble decided to propose to girlfriend Hayley Roll, he knew there was no better place to do it than at the Cincinnati Zoo, right in front of the social media star’s tank.

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