Everyone knows that a stable relationship needs to have a number of certain qualities present for it to work. Honesty, love, affection, commitment, all of these things and more come to mind. However, one of the main cornerstones to any healthy, loving, lasting relationship happens to be respect. Without it, a relationship doesn’t really stand a chance.
Both partners need to be respectful of one another and sensitive to each others needs. Respect doesn’t simply involve admiring or holding someone in high regard, it’s much deeper than that when it comes to being in a serious relationship. Rather, it’s a way of thinking about the person you love and treating them in such a way that shows you understand and value their feelings, wants, needs, emotions, and desires.
While it’s easily overlooked, a lack of respect on either partner’s part can leave the other feeling hurt, unappreciated, and just plain down about themselves. Disrespect comes in many different forms, from blatant and outright put downs to less obvious and more subconscious types of mental abuse. In either case, the psychological and emotional stress it puts on a person ends up taking a huge toll. To put it in perspective think about how bad you’d feel if you sensed that the one person whom you loved and adored the most in the world looked down on you. It’s a truly off-putting and horrible feeling.
All in all, a relationship lacking in respect is more likely than not to fail. Absolutely no happiness or satisfaction ever comes from always feeling like you’re inferior or not good enough for the person you love. The following signs are clear indicators that your partner does not respect you. If any of these are all too familiar and are present in your relationship, you may want to re-evaluate things because your partner probably does not respect you.
1. They Treat Your Friends And Family With Disrespect. This is perhaps the biggest red flag because if your partner respects you then, at the very least, they also respect the people who you are closest to. If instead they’re always trash talking your friends and family or don’t even try to get along with them, it means they don’t care enough to put any effort in. Something major needs to change if you plan on having a healthy relationship and future together. Family and friendships are highly important and if it’s a lack of common decency issue that you have with your partner, demand civility and nothing less.
2. They Always Get What They Want. If you’re dating someone who seems to always insist on getting what they want and having things go their way all the time, it shows they don’t respect your own wants, needs, or desires enough to ever put them first. This selfish and petty type of behavior will doom your relationship if things are not addressed and changed quickly. People are always making sacrifices and compromises in order to keep the person they love content and happy, but if your partner is unwilling to meet you half way, it’s because they don’t respect you or care enough to do so.
3. They Don’t Give You Any Space. A healthy relationship means giving your partner a little breathing space and time alone. You both need to do your own thing every now and then and without a little time apart you’ll soon start to resent your partner. If they don’t allow you some alone time or privacy, it’s because they don’t respect or trust you enough to do so.
4. They Don’t Listen Or Hear What You Have To Say. A partner who seems to always be interrupting, talking over you, or simply not listening to what you have to say means that they don’t really care about your input. Basic, open communication involves both partners having an equal say and listening fully to what the other thinks. It’s extremely frustrating and hurtful when you’re constantly being ignored or brushed off when you try to speak. It’s also a clear sign that your partner doesn’t respect your opinions enough to listen, so make your voice heard or kick them to the curb!
5. They Are Mean To You More Often Than Not. When all that you seem to get from your partner is nasty comments, negative feedback, and unkind words, it’s obvious they do not respect you. Behaviors that include belittling, teasing, humiliation, sarcasm which is meant to be hurtful, and threats are the most common ways people choose to show a clear lack of respect. Furthermore, a person who speaks down to their partner in an angry or accusatory tone of voice is also indicating a desire on their part to put that person down and hurt them. If you find yourself being spoken to unkindly don’t sit there and take it or let them get away with acting like a complete jerk. It’s never okay to bully other people, especially those someone claims to love, and doing so is a clear sign of blatant disrespect.
6. They Point Out Your Flaws. If your partner seems to constantly be making snide comments about your flaws, weaknesses, failures, or imperfections, it’s enough to drive anyone mad. Over time it makes it seem like they think you’re worthless when they’re always focused on what’s wrong with you. A respectful partner builds you up rather than tears you down, so if they are focused on your flaws instead of your strengths and what’s good about you, it means they don’t respect you.
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