New hairstyles are constantly coming and going in and out of style. One month a certain color is all the rage, the next month a particular cut has taken over, and the cycle continues on down the line. The current hair-related trend these days is for all things having to do with braids and so far it seems to be holding steady. The modern braid trend is nothing like past ones and the styles that are popular include (among other ones) the floating, mermaid, waterfall, and fishtail varieties.
There are all different types of neat braids out there that anyone can try their hand at. While many of them are really complex and beyond what the average person can pull off, there are more than a few manageable braid styles as well. Perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ones of all is the reverse braid featured in the accompanying video.
This super easy braid can be done in two minutes or less and whether you’re doing your child’s hair before school, or doing it for yourself all on your own, it doesn’t matter! All that you need is a little bit of patience, medium-long length hair, and a hair tie, that’s it. Mindy and Kamri from the Cute Girls Hairstyles channel on YouTube walk you through the entire process and give professional tips and pointers along the way.
Below is a general breakdown of what to do but please be sure to take a look at the video to see exactly how this braid is done and try it soon!
Part hair down the middle and drape it over your shoulders towards the front of your body.
Tuck the foremost section behind your ears and then put the mid-sections in front of them.
Start the braid off slightly underneath your chin, leaving enough room so that you’re able to slip it back over your head when you go to flip the braid later on.
*Refer to the clip to see where the ideal placement is and how to finish the look so that it’s polished, neat, and professional looking.
With a little practice you’ll soon be able to do this in just a minute or two, yet it’ll look like it took much longer than that! This is the perfect look for any occasion, whether it’s back to school, work, or a date. Check out the video for more details and good luck.
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