What Is Your Dark Side According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Astrology seeks to link events and occurrences on Earth to celestial and astronomical observations. Societies around the world developed sets of deeply complex beliefs at different times throughout history. Countless ancient cultures and religions of the past first began to practice it when they looked to the sky to help explain and make sense of what was happening in life. The sun, moon, stars, cosmos, and beyond were places of constant change and motion. The slow, predictable paths of celestial bodies through the universe allowed people to develop belief systems that were based around them.
It was from these astrological impressions that the 12 zodiac signs were born. According to astrologists, the month and day you were born on play a significant role in determining your personality traits. Today, zodiac signs are best known for the different strengths and emotions that are associated with each one. People tend to focus mainly on the positive aspects while overlooking the negative ones.
In the spirit of knowledge and all things balanced, we give you the dark side of your zodiac sign. Find yours below, click on it, and become informed about what may a weakness of yours, or a strength in disguise!
What is your dark side according to your Zodiac Sign? Let us know in the comments!
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