There are many different types of ‘smart’ that a person may be or potentially possess. Some people are street smart, others are book smart, math smart, language smart, music smart, nature smart, the long list continues on and on. There’s no question that there are all different types and sorts of intelligence, and yet when it comes to exactly how much usable knowledge an indiv idual actually possesses, we are all over the map!
A quick look around tells you all that you need to know to see this point in action. Every day, all day long, it plays out and is especially obvious when someone completely lacks the basic awareness and understanding of even the simplest of things that you’d expect just about everyone to grasp. At the opposite end of the intelligence spectrum are those people who are supremely gifted with super smart brains and who seem to know about practically everything they come across.
However, going off the presupposition that the vast majority of all people inevitably fall somewhere in-between, a person is more than likely to be average than way above or far below. Those of us in the middle have strong intellectual capabilities and all sorts of skills to get through life. However, they are nevertheless considered average by most standards and are not what we’d call geniuses.
Despite this fact, many people claim to be certified geniuses, but only a rare few can actually back this assertion up. Geniuses operate on a whole other level in terms of their knowledge, abilities, intellect, skills, wisdom, and sheer brain power.
When it comes down to it in the end, the only way to know for sure how gifted you actually are in the intelligence department is with a general IQ test. The one featured below is an applied knowledge test designed to determine how creatively smart you are. It evaluates what you know and what you may not know in a randomized manner so that you can get a sense of where you stand in relation to everyone else who takes it. This IQ test is quite short and yet it’s comprehensive enough to examine and score how much general intelligence you possess!
According to Playbuzz, only the most creatively intelligent people can answer all of the questions correctly. Try it now to see how well you do and good luck!
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