If you are ever lucky enough to go on a safari, expect the unexpected. That’s because there is no way of truly knowing what you’re going to end up seeing or coming across, and that’s all part of what makes the experience so exciting. When you venture out into the vast open wilderness, where some of the Earth’s largest and most fierce animals roam freely, you could run into an endless amount of possibilities. Either which way, an African safari is practically guaranteed to be action packed and filled with thrilling adventures, incredible sights, and awesome memories!
For some sightseers, sometimes the most memorable thing they end up witnessing on safari isn’t what they’d expect or assume to see. Not everyone is going to be able to watch a pack of lions take down a Wildebeest or something as dramatic as that. We all know that nature works in mysterious ways and that unpredictability can easily turn out to be adorable instead of violent.
Such was the case for the tourists in this video. The group had been traveling down a dusty beaten path when they stopped near a watering hole in order to let a family of elephants pass. At the front leading the way was a larger mother and trailing close behind, right on her heels, were two much smaller elephants. The littlest one of them all was just a baby and his sheer adorableness elicited a reaction from the group of people who began fawning over how cute he was. Their chatter caught the baby elephant’s attention and he turned to look directly at them.
All of a sudden a change came across the little elephant’s face and his whole demeanor changed. That’s when he seized up and let out one of the world’s most adorable sneezes! The force from it shook his whole body and it even caused him to make a mini trumpeting-type of noise that sounds so stinkin’ cute.
As if the baby elephant sneezing wasn’t already sweet enough, his reaction to it was the icing on the cake. Whereas the sound he made had everyone in the group laughing in delight, it instead freaked the poor little baby out. He was super spooked by it and took off running towards his mother. The sight of his little feet moving double time to help him skedaddle on over to mama as fast as he could is nature in its most lovable, adorable, and comical form!
In the end, the baby elephant made it to safety behind his mother’s massive frame, where he proceeded to hide out. You just have to see and hear this baby elephant sneeze for yourself, it’s the best!
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