It often seems that we are ultimately on our own in the world, yet every single person who is alive on this Earth has their own guardian angel watching over them. Our guardian angels are a constant source of comfort as they help us navigate down the paths we choose in our lives. They work hard to protect and keep us safe when times get tough or tragedies happen, and without them things simply wouldn’t be the same.
Regardless of whether or not you actually believe in guardian angels, there are many other similar types of spirits, animals, people, and guides that many people consider to be the healers and protectors of humanity. Across time, cultures, and religions the idea is pretty much the same, that we are being watched over and protected by some higher power.
While the vast majority of us will not ever actually see them in a tangible or physical sense, our guardian angels are nonetheless always by our side and with us in spirit. It doesn’t matter what we are faced with or the trials and tribulations we must go through, that higher power is by our side, in good times and in bad. However, it seems that most people are able to feel their guardian angel’s presence in their darkest hour. When a tragedy strikes or an accident happens, they report having experienced a reassuring and mystical type of force at these major points in life, of which they themselves attribute to being their guardian angel.
Even when you are not in the midst of dark times, your guardian angel is still there and may be trying to send you a message. They rarely communicate with us directly, more often than not they show up in indirect types of ways by sending us different signs and signals. If you’re open to the whole idea of spiritual connectivity, you can pick up on these signs. Over time and once you become familiar with what to look for, then you can also interpret and know what they mean or are trying to convey.
This quiz can sort through all of the background static and tell you what your guardian angel is most likely trying to tell you. It cuts through blockages and distractions to uncover the message they want to get through to you, so take it now and find out what your guardian angel may be trying to communicate. Enjoy!
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