Street smart, book smart, what type of smart are you!? It all comes down to your intelligence and while the actual word itself, ‘intelligence,’ may sound all-encompassing, it’s not. There are actually several distinct and totally different types of it that we all possess to varying degrees and this quiz will tell you which one is the most dominant in your life.
Before we go any further, out of the following intelligence types, which do you think would be your strongest and most controlling; logical-mathematical, musical-rhythmic, verbal-linguistic, interpersonal, or existential. Think about your skill sets and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Other factors that need to be considered include your personality type, abilities, and what mental faculties you rely on the most throughout the day and in life.
When it comes down to it, knowing the exact definition of intelligence can only help you to figure out what your dominant type is. The online Oxford Dictionary defines intelligence as “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” The knowledge that we all gain throughout our lives comes from practically everywhere and everything around us can teach us something. Some of the most common sources of our intelligence include what we see and observe, read about, hear about, intrinsically feel, stumble upon, are taught, and so on, and so forth.
By extension, this means that if we are unable to figure out how to apply what we learn to our lives and our advantage, then most of that information ends up being of no use to us. That’s why our intelligence depends not only on what we know, but more on how we process, recall, and apply all the skills and information we learn. That in turn is where your most dominant intelligence trait comes into play. If you’re the type who’s logical-mathematically intelligent, for example, then you likely tend to look for patterns and analyze problems or issues that you encounter in a systematic fashion. In contrast, if you’re more of a visually intelligent type of person then you probably process information in a more abstract way and rely on your observations to make decisions and figure out what’s best.
This beautiful image test can determine once and for all the type of intelligence you rely on the most when you think, problem solve, and make decisions in your day to day life. It’s a fun and totally non-biased way to delve into the topic. All you need to do is pick the one dominant color that stands out the most to you in the each of the beautiful images shown. Who knows, the results you get may end up surprising you… or re-affirming what you thought all along! There’s only one way to find out so click the “Let’s Play!” button to begin and enjoy!
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