If someone could read your mind, would you let them? Even if you answer no to that question, it really doesn’t matter because as it turns out, we’re all mind readers. Seriously! More and more scientists are beginning to give credence to the theory that humans are natural mind readers. However, it’s probably not what you’re thinking, rather the idea is more general in that we use empathy to see things from someone else’s point of view. When we mentally put ourselves in their place, we are using our own mind as a sort of model for theirs, and that’s what we base our understanding of how others are feeling off of.
By essentially feeling and seeing things from their perspective, we’re reading their minds. While it’s not as dramatic or cool as how mind reading has traditionally been portrayed in books and film, it’s nonetheless a reasonable theory that explains the concept in universal and easy to understand terms. That’s not the only idea being floated on the topic, there’s a number of other ways in which people can attempt to read minds.
One such way is through numbers and mathematical reasoning. If you enjoy trying those fun guesstimate-type of games, that work kind of like a magic trick, then you need to try the one featured here. It attempts to guess one single thing about what you are thinking, which can be any number of your choosing between 1 and 10. While it may not be the deep, all knowing type of ‘mind reading’ you’re familiar with, it’s deciphering your thoughts and getting into your head, which makes it close enough!
Also, there is a real art to these kinds of guesstimates and for numerical ones like this there’s ancient mathematical principles governing and guiding them. If you do the math correctly, they can be counted on over and over again to arrive at an accurate answer. Now take the quiz and see for yourself what I’m talking about. In the end, this is by far the most fun you’ll have answering a couple of questions with basic math so have at it and enjoy!
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