If you were to describe yourself, would the word perfectionist come to mind? If you can answer that with a firm yes, then you’re definitely a perfectionist. Even if you don’t believe yourself to be one, you may in fact display more than a few of the traits associated with the personality type.
When it comes to perfectionism, there is no ‘one size fits all’ category, rather there are several different levels that reflect to what degree a person may be a perfectionist. Many people exhibit behaviors that are typical of a full blown perfectionist, yet it’s only temporary or in certain areas of their lives. Maybe they want to get a big important project done just right and in a specific manner, or they plan a night out down to the very last detail, in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly and pans out how they want it to. It doesn’t automatically that mean someone is a total perfectionist just because they take extra steps to ensure that something turns out perfect!
On the flip side, if a person flat out refuses to accept anything less than perfect, to the point that their standards leave zero room for errors, flaws, or mistakes, then they likely fit the psychological definition of perfectionism. The drawbacks to being a perfectionist are numerous and perhaps the biggest issue is that any success they achieve is never enough, they always want more and are not content even when they reach their goals. Nothing in life is perfect, but they don’t accept the reality of that concept.
In addition, they are way too critical of themselves and how they come off or appear to other people. They spend so much time perfecting something and then rather than being happy about it they worry about what others are thinking! It’s extremely stressful being a perfectionist, but it’s not all bad. There are many positive aspects to being one as well and most perfectionists are smart, dedicated, driven, reliable, hard working, focused, persistent, and responsible. Those are some great traits to have!
The key is finding balance and determining what level your need for perfection falls at. One way to explore exactly that is by this visual perception quiz. When a perfectionist views the word, they always notice the slightest details and inconsistencies that others are likely to miss. They are highly visual, have extremely perceptive vision, and are quick to spot things. It’s almost like they have laser vision in the way they’re able to hone in on the slightest flaws and practically no inaccuracy gets past them. This fun quiz looks at how your eyes, brain, and mind work to evaluate images of shapes by analyzing and examining how you experience imperfections. In the end it can help you figure out how much of a perfectionist you may be so try it now and see what level you’re at!
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