With all of the modern advancements in medicine, science and technology, people have become either very skeptical of ancient techniques and practices, or they’ve embraced them. Certain things like folk remedies and alternative medicine have enjoyed renewed interest and acceptance, but lots of people remain skeptical of what they call pseudo-science practices, such as palm reading.
The majority of those reading this likely have doubts and reservations about palmistry and it’s easy to understand where they’re coming from. These days most of what we know and are willing to accept as true is based on science and we demand concrete evidence as proof for anything that may fall outside the norm. Even still, there are always going be some things that simply cannot be explained, and palmistry, which is the art of reading palms, is one of those things.
Hand reading dates back several thousand years to ancient India and is originally rooted in Hindu astrology. The practice quickly caught on and spread to China and other parts of Asia, Egypt, Persia, and all over Europe. In ancient Greece Aristotle took a strong interest in it and he ended up teaching Alexander the Great all about it. In fact, the King believed so strongly in palmistry that he used it as a tool to evaluate and judge the character of all his military officers by reading their palms!
While palmistry has managed to survive through the ages, today it’s not understood very well and people are quick to dismiss it as outdated, pseudo-science, or superstitious. A major part of this skepticism lies in misunderstanding, people only know what they see in the media and yet the countless books, films, and TV shows that touch upon palm reading have portrayed it wrong. There’s so much more to palmistry and it’s fascinating what the different lines and patterns on your hands stand for. One line alone can hold all sorts of insights and information about a number of interesting things having to do with your life and personality, specific traits, and overall character.
Thankfully you don’t need to be a palm reader or even trained in the practice to figure out what secrets your own two hands hold. This quiz can help you unlock the hidden meanings behind the lines on your palms and tell you what they reveal about your personality. Many people have found it to be incredibly accurate, so take it now and see if you agree with what it says about you!
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