If you were given the chance to live in a completely different time period, would you take it and leave your modern life behind? Many people feel like they were simply born in the wrong era and that they would be a whole lot happier in another time and place. When they hear historic accounts about how people lived in the past they get a nostalgic sort of feeling, and who hasn’t found themselves fascinated by tales of the past at some point or another?
That sentiment seems to ring especially true in this day and age. The modern lifestyle that the vast majority of us lead is often hectic and fast paced. We go from doing one thing to the next without even thinking about what it is we are actually doing! Between rushing all about and trying to get what feels like a million things done, it’s easy to feel burned out. When you’re tired and exhausted, where in the world and at what age in history do you daydream about living? That’s probably the time period you belong to!
Whether you feel as though you would’ve made an amazing alchemist, sailor, merchant, or philosopher, there’s a golden age of the past you would have thrived in. Some reading this right now may have felt right at home in ancient Rome, where the first ideals associated with modern democracy were being hotly discussed and tried out. Others would feel more comfortable in an age closer to the present with some of the trappings of modern life, and so the Victorian era would suit them well.
In the end, the time periods represent many different things to each and every one of us. Some people wouldn’t ever give up their current life to live in a past era and who could blame them? Once you have things like electricity, a car, a toilet in your home, and the internet, it’s hard to imagine life without them. This quiz takes into account the things you like and are drawn to the most and uses them to tell you precisely which time period would suit you the best. Take it now and find out if the age you truly belong to matches up with what you imagined it would be!
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