We all see the world in living color, unless you happen to be blind, and without the visible colors of the light spectrum things would be so drab and dreary. Just take a look around and you’ll see that colors are a huge part of all our lives, and yet we tend to completely overlook just how much information they can actually reveal about our personalities and who we are on the inside. In fact, there exists an entire field of study that is dedicated solely to exploring and figuring out how different colors affect our attitudes, emotions, perceptions, and the choices we make throughout the course of our lives.
It’s known as color psychology and while it may be relatively new, a variety of studies have been completed which show all sorts of interesting effects that various shades of color have on the human psyche, behavior, and thinking. One such related finding has to do with how colors are a strong indicator of an individual’s subconscious thoughts and beliefs. It turns out that what we associate certain colors with can be incredibly revealing as to who each of us are deep down inside.
Only when you stop and think about it do you realize just how much colors interplay with our emotions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. They have the power to instantly cheer us up or make us feel sad and blue. Most of the time we are totally unaware of the effect they’re having on us because it’s constant and very subtle, but even still, the way you see colors can reveal a lot about you.
By examining the way an individual differentiates between both minor and major color-shade associations, their overall outlook on life can even be uncovered and revealed. While there are many categories as to outlooks on life, the three main ones focused on here include realistic, idealistic, and surrealistic.
The quiz below uses color psychology and beautiful images to explore how realistic, idealistic, or surrealistic of a person you may actually be. In the end your results will tell you which outlook on life best matches the way you see colors in the world, so give it a whirl and see what you get!
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