Death is something that we all are going to have to face at the end our lives. The thought of it alone can be scary and sobering to some people, while others take it in stride and their minds are at peace with the whole idea of it all. Even so, it seems that the majority of any death-related fear often has to do with the unknown and the simple fact that we do not know what, if anything, happens after we die. There are many beliefs and theories out there that deal with the answer to that mystery and most of them are religious or philosophical in nature.
One philosophical concept that many faiths and belief systems have adopted fully or in part is reincarnation or re-birth. The main idea that it centers around is the circle of life. On the largest scale and in the broadest of terms, the universe that we live in is in a perpetual and constant cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Everything that exists and is alive right now will be dead and cease to exist at some point in the future. However bleak and grim that may sound to some, it’s simply the way of the world.
Reincarnation comes into play after this life and it’s the idea that we will all be born again, as we were in the past innumerable amounts of times. That means we have all lived many lives, died many times, were re-born, and will continue to do so for the rest of infinity.
It also means that people have had distinct identities in each of their past lives and inevitably experienced many different types of deaths over the course of them all. Some people, a rare few, claim that they either know or can feel or sense some of their past life identities in their present lives. Oftentimes they have very specific memories, visions, or flashbacks of the different places, people, and events which were associated with who and what they used to be. Some even claim that they remember how they died in great detail, which must be very strange to think about.
In the end, we will likely never be able to know for certain how or why we died in our past lives, let alone figure out what death truly entails. What we can do is keep on trying to figure out the mystery and never stop searching for answers. This quiz is a fun and purely entertaining way to guess at how you likely died in one of your past lives. If you wish to find out how you may have passed on in your past life, give it a try. At the very least it’s interesting, so explore the possibilities of your past and enjoy!
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