Remember the good old days when having the latest and greatest technology meant owning a VCR and a great collection of VHS tapes? It wasn’t that long ago when the bulky videocassette boxes occupied pride of place right next to our televisions. In fact, throughout most of the 80s and 90s they ruled supreme, all the way up until DVD players came along. After that they were slowly phased out and today they’re considered all but obsolete.
Even though VHS tapes are no longer even made anymore, plenty of people still have at least a couple of them hanging around the house somewhere. Most collections have been long forgotten and the tapes go unused, collecting dust and sitting in boxes. However, if you never tossed the tapes out or donated them to Goodwill, then you may be in luck because certain VHS tapes are worth up to thousands of dollars today!
What’s driving the seemingly crazy prices and demand for old tapes? Collectors of course! Animated Walt Disney movies in particular are fetching some serious cash and depending on the condition they’re in, and for some titles what edition they are, they could be worth a small fortune. If you have any of the classic Disney movies on VHS tape listed below, you could be sitting on a windfall because they are potentially worth more than you could ever imagine!
Dumbo- Everyone’s favorite childhood elephant is in high demand and copies on eBay are worth up to $2800. If you have a VHS tape that sports a green triangle with the letter ‘U’ in it and the iconic Walt Disney signature on the cover, then you can count yourself as one of the lucky ones.
Aladdin- Who didn’t love the Arabian price voiced by Robin Williams! Black Diamond Edition copies are selling for up to $10,000!
Cinderella- One of Disney’s favorite fairy tales, a Black Diamond Edition of the 1950 film is worth around $5,000.
The Jungle Book- This story has been enjoying a number of recent re-makes and original copies on VHS are worth about $1,000 each.
Beauty and the Beast- Another film that was re-done very recently also happens to top this list and could possibly fetch you the most money. If you own a Black Diamond Edition you may want to store it in a safe because one recently sold for $17,000!
The Fox and the Hound- The story of two unlikely friends is one for the ages and an unopened VHS copy of it recently sold for $10,000.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- This film holds a special place in Disney history because it is the first movie they every made! The Masterpiece Collection Edition from 1994 is worth about $1,000.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame- While the original book written by Victor Hugo was published way back in 1831, the Disney version came out in 1996. These days Masterpiece Edition copies are being sold for around $1,500 each on eBay.

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