If your imagination was represented by a color, which one would it most likely be? As strange or impossible to answer as that question may initially seem to be, there is a method to the madness it envelops and there is indeed a way to answer it!
As it turns out, every single one of us has an imagination. Even if it sometimes appears that some people completely lack one, theirs is just not that strong. The imagination is a part of our mind where we come up with neat ideas, stories, images, and concepts about different thoughts, or really anything that we can imagine! When we imagine we rely on and use our main senses, like hearing, smelling, and seeing, to help us form all of the new ideas and thoughts we come up with in our mind’s eye. It’s an incredible and complex ability we all possess and just think about how boring life would be without it.
If people lacked any imaginations, we would be nowhere even close to where we are at today in the world as a society. Inventions would not have been thought of, stories wouldn’t exist, no one would follow their dreams, basically we’d be completely un-evolved and stuck in the most basic of times.
That’s because imagination makes us think creatively and beyond the limits of our immediate reality. It’s what helps us solve the problems we are faced with and overcome challenges in our paths. Sometimes all that it takes is a little imagination and boom, you can instantly make your life a whole lot easier!
Not only is it an immensely effective personal tool when we tap into it on a subjective level, it’s equally as strong and powerful in the objective sense. If people had not shared or pooled their thoughts and ideas, major advancements like the internet or spaceships would never have had a chance to exist. But enough on how amazing it all is, what’s really cool and what we all want to know is what color our imaginations may likely be!
This quiz uses a combination of color theory and targeted questions to pinpoint the one shade of the color spectrum that best represents your unique type of imagination. Some of us are very dreamy and whimsical when we imagine things, whereas others are more technical and goal-oriented. Each type of imagination is linked with the color that shares those attributes and associations with it the closest, to give you the color of your personality. Try it now and see which color best symbolizes your unique, yet personal, thoughts. Enjoy and pass it on!
What Color did you get? Let us know in the comments.
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