Words. Ancient wisdom tells us to choose them wisely because they matter a lot, especially the correct usage of them! While speaking and saying things out loud is one thing, what you write down or type out is a whole other part of how you choose your words. Nowhere is this more clear and true than when you’re dealing with certain words which sound the same and are spelled almost exactly the same, yet they have different meanings.
In broad terms those types of words, that sound alike but have completely different meanings, are called homonyms. Then there are, more specifically, homophones which are a specific type of homonym where words both sound alike and have different meanings, but they also have different spellings. When you talk using these words the differences in meaning are not noticeable. However, if you use the incorrect spelling of any of these words in your writing, you end up not making any sense and losing your reader.
One common example are the words ‘accept’ and ‘except.’ Both terms are pronounced exactly the same but they mean completely different things. Accept means to receive or recognize something, whereas except means excluding, or you use it when you are making an exception to something. Another good example are ‘lose’ and ‘loose;’ lose means to be deprived of something or defeated and loose means not attached firmly or fixed in one place. They both sound the same, yet have different meanings and are spelled differently, which makes them homophones.
This grammar and spelling quiz will put how wisely you choose your words to the ultimate test! It challenges your English skills by asking you to choose the one word that does not belong in relation to the choices given. You really need to know the different spellings and meanings of them all to pick the correct answer, so try it now and see how well you are at choosing your words!
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