Horror movies tend to be hit or miss, not only in terms of how scary they actually are but also in the sense that people either absolutely hate the films or they love watching them. This isn’t just a human trait and that same sentiment seems to ring true for dogs as well. Even though watching movies or TV may not be a common canine activity, there are nonetheless more than a few dogs out there who enjoy tuning into shows or a flick.
This adorable English Bulldog named Khaleesi just so happens to be a big fan of motion picture media and of horror movies in particular. She can often be found sitting right in front of the television screen taking in the latest offering and unlike her human counterparts, she even enjoys watching the commercials!
As you can see in the accompanying clip, Khaleesi isn’t shy or reserved when she’s viewing her scary flicks. Rather than sit back passively she gets all up in front of the screen and interacts with the characters, barking and growling at them as if they can hear her. She gets super into it and watching her watch her shows is just as, if not more, entertaining as the actual movie is!
The film that Khaleesi is viewing here is the 2013 supernatural horror flick titled The Conjuring. The movie is rated R and while she’s just a four year old dog and may be a little too young in human years to watch it, in dog years she’s at least 28 years old, so she’s definitely of age. At first, Khaleesi appears to be totally engrossed in the film. She never turns her adorably wrinkly face to glance back at the camera and nothing distracts her. Then, as the music changes and the scene picks up something really grabs her attention.
On the screen is a young girl who looks frightened when a strange, dark presence appears and every time this presence is about to show up it’s as if Khaleesi knows and can sense it. She lets out an incredibly urgent series of loud sounding barks, as if she’s warning the girl of the danger that might be coming her way. As the scene goes on the frantic Bulldog jumps to her feet and stares intently at the screen, waiting on edge to see what happens next. It’s as if she’s trying to scare the strange thing off and protect the young girl, what a good guard dog! She’s not afraid of anything and would let you know danger was coming the moment she spotted or sensed a threat was near. Check her out and share her sweet reaction, it’s enough to brighten anyone’s day!
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