On any given day we all go through a wide range of emotions. We can feel overjoyed and ecstatic one minute, then the next minute we’re sad and miserable. Our mood can change gradually or in an instant, that’s just how humans are wired.
People are naturally complex creatures and the majority of us are highly emotive when we are expressing the various feelings and emotions that we may be going through. Thankfully, there are a number of both overt signs and subtle signals that people give off, which can reveal a lot about what they may be thinking or feeling at any given moment.
All you need to do is pay attention and watch someone closely to get a feel for what type of mood they may be in. You can observe their physical actions, mannerisms, faces, and eyes to really try and read into what they are expressing and feeling. What is comes down to is the simple fact that reading people is a skill. How good you are at it depends on many factors, which include your instinctual capabilities and intuition. However, the easiest way to read virtually anyone in the world is by looking at their eyes.
That old saying “the eyes are the door to the soul” could not be more true, especially when you’re figuring a person out. Everything about our eyes, from the pupils to the brows and the lines around them, hold important information about how we’re feeling. They convey everything from true happiness to fear, sadness, anger, lust, love, and countless other emotions.
This quiz offers you a chance to put your intuition and people reading skills to the test by challenging your perception of others, specifically when it comes to looking at a person’s eyes and determining what emotion they are currently experiencing. It’s a fun way to see if whether or not the impressions that you get from people around you are accurate and spot on, or off and just plain wrong. Take it now to see exactly where you stand in terms of how good you truly are at reading people and good luck!
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