When a dog tilts their head off to the side and looks up at you with that sweet, innocent look plastered across their face, it’s just the cutest darn thing in the world! While many of the things they do can make us say “awww,” the head tilt is easily one of their most naturally endearing traits.
Oftentimes any type of noise that is unexpected, sudden, strange, or totally new is what causes them to angle their heads and move them back and forth, from side to side. When they cock their heads it makes them look like they are very focused and honed in on something. They appear to be trying super hard to both listen for and understand where the unusual sounds are coming from, which is why most people assume that dogs display this behavior when they are confused or trying to figure something out.
The actual reasons as to why dogs tilt their heads is more complex than what most of us would imagine. One thing that animal experts strongly believe is that our canine counterparts have evolved abilities to read and understand both our language and speech patterns, as well as our facial and bodily gestures. Many behaviorists also believe that when a dog tilts its head, it most likely means that they are trying to make sense of whatever it is they are hearing.
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Furthermore, the tilt may also signify that a dog thinks the noises may lead to something they find enjoyable, such as a fun walk or a yummy tasty treat. For older dogs who tend to tilt their heads much less often than younger ones, this is likely true when they move their heads in response to something their owner says. For example, when you say something like “wanna go for a walk!?” in a really upbeat, excited, happy tone of voice, your dog’s ears most likely perk up and they dance all around. Then, if you’re slow to get their leash and take them out for that walk, they might tilt their head and pay extra close attention to you!
This reaction is true of most dogs because they do indeed understand some human words, yet it’s the tone of our voices that they’re able to read into the best and so that’s what they really go off of. That’s why the head tilt is believed to signify that a dog is concentrating really hard at picking out some type of voice inflection or a key word that they’re familiar with. Basically, if and when they hear anything that sounds like it may potentially signify something that they love, want, or enjoy, the possibility of a head tilt exists!
Other reasons given for the head tilt is that since their muzzles block their view, tilting their head allows them to see much better. Even still, there is no real concrete answer as to why dogs tilt their heads, yet, but one thing is for sure. When a dog tilts its head, it instantly looks cute, sweet, and innocent!
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