The color of your future is likely something that you have never even thought about, but it can offer you some great insight into what the days and months ahead hold in store for you. The particular hues of the color spectrum that you are most drawn to right here and now, in the present, are strong indicators of what is to come. Once you take this quiz and get your results it will all make sense and come together, and here is some more insight into how colors both unite and affect us all.
Colors are special because they are one of the few things in the world that just about everyone experiences and perceives in a similar type of way, save for those who are blind or colorblind. What I mean is that we’re able to actually see colors because of a complex interaction that takes place between our eyes and the visible light wave energy that surrounds us. A very basic and universal explanation of how our color vision works is that objects tend to either absorb, reflect, or emit light. The cones in our eyes pick up on the light waves and send signals to our brains which then determine what shade of color the object is.
It’s not only physical objects that put off various colored energies, people do as well and the color depends on what frequency you’re vibrating at. This particular type of energy has been called many different names across cultures and time. You may be familiar with it as being called one’s aura, essence, chakras, emanation, halo, vibration, and other similar types of descriptions. Regardless of the name, it always stands for a deeply personal energy that comes from within us and radiates outwards. Others pick up on it and use it to read or interpret us, and a rare few individuals can actually see the color we glow!
Based off the above example you can catch a glimpse of how many different types of ways there are in which colors impact and affect our lives. As it just so happens, another interesting color aspect that you can look into is the color of your future! Like most things in life, the color of our energy changes with time and it’s a reflection of our personal growth. The color that your future will be vibrating at months or years from now is rooted in a deeper, wholly unconscious level of all your thoughts, desires, actions, and choices in life.
It can get all jumbled and super complicated, yet often the answer can be found in the simplest of things and if you wish to know what color your future is, just take this simple quiz! It’s quick and easy, all you need to do is choose the dominant color that stands out the most to you in each of the beautiful images. Take it now and find out what color your future will be, and enjoy!
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