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What Hairstyle Should You Try Next According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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A hairstyle can either make or break a person’s look. The way we choose to cut and style our hair is a big decision, and yet many people don’t really pay too much thought to it. Oftentimes we just get a trim or touch up and making a drastic change to our appearance is something that most of us rarely do.
In the same way that clothes can age a person, how you style your hair can make you look much older or younger than what you actually are. According to stylists and hair experts, people should aim to change up their hairstyle approximately every two years or so in order to keep current. That may seem like an odd timetable, but when you take a look back at all the hair styles and trends throughout the ages it becomes really easy to understand!
That’s because it seems that with each passing year a new hairstyle comes along and certain ones end up becoming iconic. They are the styles that are representative of all the different eras and decades past. The roaring 20’s ushered in the bob and cropped, wavy or sleek, short cuts were all the rage. The 1950’s were all about pony tails and short fringed bangs, while the 60’s saw everything from afros, beehives, and bouffants to long, free flowing hairstyles. By the time the 80’s rolled around big, bouncy, teased out to the max, rock and roll style hair was all the rage. In the 90’s who could forget the layered look of the iconic “Rachel cut” and the 2000’s have seen all of these trends and more updated and rehashed with bold, crazy colors added to the mix.
It seems that today, perhaps more so than ever before, just about anything goes. People are embracing different styles, re-discovering intricate updos, and coming up with new ways to cut, color, part, and style hair. It’s no secret that the easiest way to makeover and revamp your look is with a new hair style or cut and so the ultimate question becomes what hairstyle should I try?!
The following list will answer that very question for you with your own zodiac sign. These are the hairstyles we can all think about trying next based on our zodiac signs. At the very least they will inspire you so check them out and see if the style you get fits you!
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