There once was a little donkey who had dreamed of being a horse his whole entire life. He didn’t wish to be any old horse however, but wanted to be one of the most iconic breeds in the world, a Clydesdale horse. His ambition didn’t stop there either, what the donkey truly aimed to be was a member of the legendary group of Budweiser Clydesdale horses!
However, as fate and luck would have it, he was born a donkey. While lesser donkeys would have given up the dream, that didn’t stop him from trying his best to live the life of a Clydesdale and he followed in the footsteps of the gentle giants as best as he could. He spent countless hours practicing and perfecting the distinctive gait and walk of the horses until he’d finally managed to master it. Then he went on to perfect the art of the Clydesdale pull but his small size and donkey features were still holding him back.
Desperate to attain the right look, he even went so far as to get horse hair extensions on all four of his lower legs! Like many a donkey that came before him, this little guy was mischievous and stubborn as heck. Nothing could hold him back or stop him from pursuing his dreams and when he scored an exclusive interview with the head Clydesdale horses over at Budweiser, he jumped at the opportunity. This was just the break he’d been waiting for his whole life, it was now or never!
With his owner along for support the donkey made his way into the golden light-filled stable and came face to face with his role models. The massive horses towered over the determined donkey and they asked him why he wanted to join their team. He answered with a loud braying noise that was mixed with hints of whinny and neighing, it was hilarious, and if any of the horses weren’t taking him seriously before, now they sure were!
All ears in the room shot up and stood at attention and their faces appeared taken aback at how brave, outspoken, and serious the donkey standing before them truly was. The next thing he knew he was all saddled up and running alongside the horses, helping to pull the Budweiser wagon. The little donkey’s lifelong dream had finally come true and it’s because he never gave up hope or stopped trying. All along the way he persevered and practiced, overcoming obstacle after obstacle until it was within sight. He worked 10x harder than an actual Clydesdale horse to become one and the older horses saw that grit and fighting spirit within him and decided to recognize it.
Check out the awesome little donkey’s story and watch his journey and dreams come true right before your eyes. This clip is cute, adorable, hilarious, and heart warming, so if you need a little inspiration or a pick-me-up, be sure to see it and please pass it on with your friends, family, and loved ones.
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