Packing bags for a trip is a necessary evil that no sane person actually likes or enjoys doing. However, it’s unavoidable and must be done unless you plan on buying all new clothes or wearing the same outfit the entire trip!
The already annoying task is made all the more frustrating by different airline’s weight and size limits, not to mention the expensive fees and long list of rules about what’s allowed and what’s banned from a plane. Regardless of all that, the worst part of packing is simply getting all your clothes, shoes, toiletries, and everything else you need or want to bring along with you in the darn suitcase!
If you are the type of packer who tosses and randomly crams stuff wherever it will fit in your luggage, you’re doing it wrong. Not only are you going to end up with wrinkly clothes, you’re also not going to fit nearly as much as you could have by neatly doing it with the easy method that’s shown in this video.
This simple 60 second clip demonstrates the best route to take when packing a bag and it will make the chore a lot less annoying. The key lies in strategically rolling up your clothes tightly, rather than folding them. This is quicker and saves you time, plus it maximizes space and increases your overall packing efficiency. Place the rolled up items in the bag first and then you can add in any bulkier things that you may have, like sweaters and jackets, on top. Just make sure to fold them neatly because that cuts down on wasted space too.
In addition, if your bag has a zippered compartment it’s a great place to stick your shoes. A general rule many people go by is to pack two pairs, one dressy and one casual. Hopefully this easy to remember and implement method will help tame the frustration and anxiety that packing brings with it. The next time you go on a trip try it out and see how great it can work for you!
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