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The Easiest and Most Natural Way To Remove Those Unsightly and Irritating Skin Tags at Home.

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Skin care is essential when it comes to health and wellness and any changes with it need to be monitored. It’s widely known that when dark spots or moles suddenly change in size or appearance that is cause for concern, and so for many people, finding a strange, irregular growth of skin on their body is alarming. However, if it’s a skin tag there is no need to worry.
Skin tags are extremely common and it’s estimated that over half of all people will develop at least one of them at some point in life. The small, soft, fleshy skin growths are usually painless and can form anywhere on the body. They look like raised, irregular flaps of skin and are thankfully harmless since they pose no known risk to humans. There are areas where they occur more frequently and these include armpits, on the neck and eyelids, under breasts, near groin folds, and really anyplace where skin naturally creases.
While no one knows for certain what actually causes skin tags, based on where they typically show up it’s believed that they form from skin rubbing against skin. In addition, genetics may be a factor and certain types of people are more susceptible to developing them. Middle-aged adults and those who are obese experience higher incidence rates and can have anywhere from one to over a hundred on their body.
Even though skin tags are harmless and nothing to worry about, people often view them as unattractive flaws and look for ways to remove them. There are treatment options that can be performed by a dermatologist or medical professional which include cutting or freezing them off. These must be performed under clean, sterile conditions and should never be attempted by anyone on their own for risk of permanent scarring, infection, or potentially more serious medical issues.
Instead of going to a doctor or ignoring the issue, you can try this simple skin tag removal remedy at home. It’s painless, inexpensive, all-natural, and easy to do all on your own. All that you need is apple cider vinegar and a little patience and before long your skin tags will be gone!
The accompanying clip was posted by Dr. Doug Willen, who goes over and explains how you can treat your skin tags at home. Below is a quick breakdown of the process he outlines, but be sure to check out the video for more details. Here’s what he recommends:
1. First you will need to gather together a bottle of apple cider vinegar and some cotton balls.
2. Take a cotton ball and soak it in the vinegar.
3. Rub the cotton ball directly over the skin tag(s) and saturate the surrounding area as well at least 2-3 times a day
4. Continue doing this daily for at least one week or longer if necessary. The tag should begin to gradually darken until it turns black and soon afterwards it will fall off.
Judging by the comments accompanying the Video Below, many people have had success with this apple cider vinegar treatment. It’s definitely worth a try if you want to remove any unwanted skin tags because not only is it super easy and nontoxic, it’s also non-invasive and cheap!
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