You likely have never given much thought to how colors can affect people but there are a multitude of ways in which this occurs. Psychological studies have found that color preferences can reveal a lot of information about a person’s behavior and emotions. The quiz below can delve into what your own choices in color combinations have to say about your emotional state and the results you get will either surprise you or reaffirm what you thought all along!
Research done on the topic has strongly backed up a theory concerning how individual differences in color preferences are predictive of personality traits and characteristics. The theory, called Ecological Valence Theory (EVT), is based on the premise that the preferences we have for particular colors, combinations of colors, and the overall strength of their hues, results from a lifetime of emotional experiences (Palmer & Schloss, 2010). That is to say that over the course of our lives we develop and evolve particular associations with experiences that are linked by certain colors. These color associations show up in our instinctive, gut level responses to things and events later on down the line. Whether or not you had a positive, enjoyable experience with objects and items of a certain color, or a negative and unpleasant experience, is what heavily influences and forms your responses to them.
The ways in which you associate and view different colors is not static and may change many times as you grow older. For example, you may have loved anything baby blue when you were younger because it was the color of your favorite blanket or toy. Then one day something extremely negative and just plain terrible happened, say you were robbed by a man wearing a baby blue shirt and mask, and after that you can’t stand that particular color. Your whole outlook on baby blue changed in an instant because of that one horrible experience!
The quiz below uses a wide variety of color combinations and all that you have to do is pick the ones that appeal the most to you. As basic and simple as it may seem, the research has shown that your color preferences can and do indeed reveal your emotional state so see what they say about you! When you start the quiz, make sure to choose the first response that comes to mind and don’t overthink it. This is all about your initial gut reaction and the accuracy of the results depend on it. Take it now and enjoy!
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