Nothing beats a good old fashioned puzzle when you’re feeling a little bored and the same goes for when you want to challenge and engage your brain. The internet is full of different types of brain teasers and everything from optical illusions to riddles to word games and beyond are all just a simple search and a few clicks away. The great thing about these puzzles is that they are designed to stump you and that’s why they make us think so hard. Nothing keeps the brain young like a mental workout from puzzle solving can, and the reverse is also true in that they help to build children’s brains.
The G-rated image featured below is a hidden picture search puzzle that the whole entire family can try their eyes at. Somewhere in the midst of all the silly looking cartoon cows is a lonely dog waiting to be picked out of the crowd. The bovine themed illustration is filled from top to bottom with similar looking cow faces, each one is only slightly different in appearance from their surrounding neighbors. The generally bland, hand drawn cows are colored in muted shades of brown, black, gray, and a little reddish-orange here and there. It’s the combination of their cartoonish appearance and the sheer amount which makes spotting the dog all the more difficult!
Don’t let the fact that it’s a cartoon drawing fool you either because many people will glance at the image and automatically assume that it will be really easy to spot the dog. However, it’s really not that straight forward or blatantly obvious. Even if they aren’t willing to admit it, this image has proven to be much more difficult than some people anticipated or expected it to be. That wise old saying ‘looks can be deceiving’ applies to them and if you find yourself stuck, try looking at it from a different angle or give your eyes a rest and then come back to it.
An interesting side note is that lots of people are drawn to these particular types of hidden search images because they offer our brains, eyes, and minds a new type of challenge that’s refreshing to work through. As easy and simple as they seem on the surface, its just as easy to get stumped by them and sometimes it can take a long time to find the hidden object. When we finally do spot it, we rejoice and breathe an internal sigh of relief. In a way it’s like a personal moment of triumph and self re-affirmation, you can’t help think to yourself ‘Yes! I did it. Good job me, I am smart!’ If that’s how you react, it means your normal. Research has shown that our brains take pleasure in searching for and finding things in this type of manner. Those findings help to explain why these puzzles are so hot right now, because they make us feel good about ourselves!
Now that you know all about why these puzzles do a body good, do yourself a favor and try to find the hidden dog in the crowd of cows. Good luck and pass it on!
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